Best Online Coaching Platform in 2024

virtual coaches with top online coaching platforms

If you’re ready to kick off your online coaching business, you need a great platform. This billion-dollar industry is projected to only grow for the next 10 years. But what ensures you get the best results?

An excellent business execution.

Coaching could be in groups or 1:1, on call, or through messaging. Being able to do both in one place is a game-changer. Virtual coaches around the globe are scaling from 6 figures to 7 figures in revenue through optimized business management systems.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best tools and apps for seamless communication and organized booking systems for your coaching business.

What is an online coaching platform?

An online coaching platform serves the purpose of both building awareness of your coaching brand and growing your current clientele.

It has all the end-to-end solutions you need to start and manage the business. Like allowing you to host events, give administrative support on scheduling and communication, and sustain your online community.

How to find a good online coaching platform?

A good platform helps you manage and streamline your online coaching business.

There are tons of coaching platforms out there and it would take a while before you come to a verdict.

We’ve reviewed the best online coaching platforms, so you don’t have to. This article will help you find the right place to host your coaching business, just like many other coaches earning 6 figures and more.

Best Online Coaching Platforms

1. coaching session page

All-in-one coaching platform for individual and group coaching. gives your business a headstart in under five minutes. You can create your landing page, upload your courses, and sell your digital products in a few clicks.

Once you’re in, you can set available timeslots for booking and your members will see right away. You can conduct one-on-one calls and group conferences, and host events for your community members. Its integration with messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp helps you connect with your members wherever they prefer.

Because it values community building, you can evaluate membership applications to see if they fit your vision. There is also a secure database available for all creators and coaches like you to review active members.

Revenue analytics provides valuable insights into your earnings and sales, best-selling products, and discount usage. This helps you plan for your next sales strategies.

If you are looking for a place to both manage and market your community, this is the right place for you.


  • Free sign-up with no trial limit
  • Customizable template for landing page
  • Native billing and payment functions
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Localized payment gateways for digital wallets in India, the Philippines, and Brazil (more are coming)
  • Allows you to pass on the platform revenue share fee to users during checkout.
  • Add trial for member subscription plans
  • Email marketing through WhatsApp within the platform
  • Provides weekly engagement analytics for your WhatsApp group.
  • Community chat apps integration: WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord


  • Does not have a native chat feature
  • No tier memberships. Only supports 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or annual plan.


  • No upfront fee, and no trial limit.
  • A flat 8% revenue share, could be charged to members is an online platform for coaches who want to start right now. By taking administrative and technical tasks off your plate, you can focus on growing your online coaching business through the community.

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2. Mighty Networks

landing page for mighty networks

Mighty Networks highlights different online course management. It offers one-on-one or group session scheduling through its Calendly integration function.

It’s also equipped with AI to help coaches create their landing pages, profiles, and course outlines. Just like Discord, it has a new member welcome sequence in the community. Like other community platforms, Mighty Networks has an end-to-end feature to create events and challenges on given periods.

It comes with its app Mighty Pro dedicated to creating branded apps aside from your Mighty Network community space. This is great if you’re ready to scale up with capital in your pockets.


  • Has AI community builder support
  • Dedicated spaces for free and paid courses
  • Available in local currencies


  • Has a limited trial period
  • Need to integrate Google Calendar or Calendly to book 1:1 calls
  • No built-in billing function
  • Predefined prices only


  • Courses: $99/mo
  • Business: $179/mo
  • The Might Pro app: quote upon request

The Mighty Networks comes with great features but is limited to its premium pricing without the native functionalities. If you’re looking for more cost-effective and beginner-friendly platforms, you can explore other options.

3. Kajabi

landing page screenshot for kajabi

If you need a comprehensive platform to create online courses, Kajabi could be an option for you. It provides you with tools to build your courses in text or video formats.

You can build landing pages for your online coaching brand within the site although it doesn’t come with a white-labeled mobile app. You can still make updates using a browser.

Email marketing is also Kajabi’s game with its built-in sales funnels. You can opt to automate email campaigns and marketing communications for your members. However, this is rather limited to the online courses you offer and not so much on building a strong-knit online community.


  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Courses can be offered in bundles or membership bases
  • Has a note-taking feature for the users


  • Not dedicated to community building
  • Does not offer advanced analytics
  • Pricier than most platforms
  • Does not have a 1:1 coaching feature


  • Basic plan: $199/mo
  • Growth plan: $159/mo
  • Pro plan: $319/mo

Kajabi is undeniably one of the most popular online course creation platforms. However, if you plan to scale up your offerings to 1:1 coaching sessions and community events, you will need to migrate to another app and basically start from scratch.

4. Skool

skool website landing page

Skool is known for its creator-focused features where you offer online courses and build your community within the app. It highlights gamified learning systems for individuals who enjoy participating in periodic challenges.

This online platform also allows creators to customize their community and learning pages. You can either use HTML, CSS, or the drag-and-drop edit function for more ease.

You can also use Zapier to integrate other apps and services you need for your community.


  • User-friendly
  • Strong community-building features
  • Integrated with Paypal and Stripe for payment methods


  • No video conferencing function for 1:1 and group coaching
  • Has a limited free trial period
  • Dedicated to online creators rather than professional coaches


  • $199/mo

This is a fun platform for creators who would rather enjoy spending time with their communities.

Its downsides may be subjective to the approach an aspiring online coach like you want to tackle. If you’re more into doing business, you can try our other recommendations.

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    5. Graphy

    graphy website landing page

    Graphy is a platform for educators to build and market their online courses. It allows coaches to create a learning management system (LMS) for their students and conduct live classes. Coaches can also test a student’s progress through quizzes and exams.

    Graphy also supports coaches with sales and marketing tools they can utilize to promote their courses. Users can also create their own branded websites and mobile apps.

    • Unlimited team members
    • Custom Domain
    • High upfront fee, starts at $99
    • No community-building features
    • Only have MailChimp integration for email marketing


    • Basic: $59/mo
    • Pro: $119/mo
    • Business: $199/mo
    • Advanced: $349/mo

    If you want to only conduct online classes, Graphy is a helpful tool, although it is a bit pricey. The future of online coaching is building authentic connections and communities that last. Unfortunately, this platform does not offer that at the moment.

    6. community landing page

    Circle is a new online course platform that caters to startup brands, coaches, and organizations. They offer native tools for course-building, online events, and live streaming.

    Creators can also create their community and earn revenues from memberships. You can create public and private spaces for members to attend exclusive events or limited online courses.


    • Community-focused
    • Live Workshop Hosting


    • Analytics is limited to higher-tier membership
    • Free trial only for 14 days
    • Lacks community gamification: challenges, leaderboards, rankings


    • Professional: $89/mo
    • Business: $199/mo
    • Enterprise: $360/mo

    If you’re solely looking for a place to gather all your community members and offer them online courses, Circle can help you. However, a great community pushes one another to be better and accountable for their goals—this is where gamification comes in.

    For a more proactive community, opt for platforms with gamification features!

    7. Gumroad

    gumroad landing page for creators

    Gumroad lets creators sell digital products to their members—including online courses. You don’t have to be an expert to start marketing on this platform. It’s designed for artists who want to earn extra by selling their digital merchandise.

    Gumroad helps beginners find their way in online coaching by starting on paid courses, templates, or even audio production.


    • Good for beginners
    • Best for creating a passive income


    • Does not have localized payment gateways
    • Limits to digital products creators can sell
    • Non-customizable landing page


    • No upfront fee, a 10% flat revenue share

    Gumroad is fun for creators who have extra time to develop digital products and online courses. But for coaches who are seeking to build a career online, this might not be the best place to start.

    8. Superpeer

    superpeer landing page for online coaching

    Mainly a booking platform, Superpeer helps online coaches conduct synchronous classes, live-streamed workshops, or 1:1 sessions. They are highly focused on video mentoring, including online courses.

    Their unique earning feature varies from live streaming, channel subscription, or donations, which is good if you’re just looking for another side hustle.


    • High video quality
    • Community-focused
    • User-friendly interface


    • Highly focused on videos only
    • Only accepts credit card payments
    • Video-focused, lack of coaching method variations


    • 10% platform fee for paid streams and subscriptions

    An effective online mentor uses a variety of ways to connect to their communities—a high-quality video-sharing platform is one.

    However, these are easily available in other free apps or websites like YouTube. To go all in, you need a platform that supports all creative and administrative aspirations of your coaching community.

    Best Online Coaching Chat Apps

    9. WhatsApp

    One of the most popular chat apps for online coaches. You can integrate WhatsApp into many online course platforms available today.

    10. Discord

    The OG community platform! You can automate chat moderation and censor inappropriate words or phrases to ensure a safe and respectful online community.

    11. Telegram

    Telegram can hold up to 200,000 community members in each messaging channel. Telegram is also available for integration into many online course-hosting sites.

    12. Slack

    You can create interactive chats with Slack. Like Discord, you can create different channels in your community using a #hashtag to add only relevant members.

    Best Online Coaching Tools

    13. Calendly

    Allows your prospects to schedule a call on your specified available timeslots. You can connect this to your Google Calendar to set up a reminder.

    14. Zoom

    Zoom is the go-to app for video conferencing. This is best for holding both 1:1 and group sessions. However, its basic version has a time limit of 40 minutes. You can always upgrade to Pro if you need to do longer video calls.

    Other Online Coaching Platforms

    15. Teachable

    Popular for brands and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their expertise by offering online courses to their audience.

    16. Nudge Coach

    Allows you to create a customized coaching app where you can streamline content, create programs, and track the progress of your members.

    17. Satori

    Focuses on client management rather than building a solid coaching community. Comes with booking and conferencing tools but is limited to your purchased plans.

    18. Noomi

    Dedicated to business and career coaches to match with clients of the same interests. Noomi is best for freelance coaches who do not plan to start and grow their own online community.

    19. BetterUp

    A career-focused coaching platform for organizations that want to give their employees personal development and leadership training.

    20. Coaching Loft

    A cloud-based coaching platform to support client management processes. It allows clients to schedule appointments and get reminder alerts.

    What makes online coaches successful?

    When your time is consumed juggling administrative tasks, marketing your business, and working towards self-development, you are bound for failure.

    Online coaches need to showcase strong authority and expertise in their field. You establish credibility in your industry by knowing the ins and outs. What makes you truly successful is your endless learning and adapting to your community’s needs.

    Take it from Neb, founder of Bar Akademija who educates aspiring baristas on standard bar management, community health, and job search for their members. Neb can focus on giving education, empowering the community, and joining festivals and competitions because managing the platform is the least of their concern.


    Anyone can create digital courses and sell them online. And each platform we’ve reviewed offers tools that make this possible. But one that really stands out is is a powerful online platform that can support booking automation, app integration, and community building. All that along with the sleek and intuitively designed interface, whether you’re using the website or the app.

    It empowers you and your community to build genuine connections without compromising the business.

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