Create experiences for your community in 1 click.

Host your next event without any technical setup. Create an event by filling in 3 basic fields and automatically notify your community. Make it a paid experience, or keep it free for all members.

You’re struggling with this

Setting up the event page

You have to use different software and a third-party tool to connect it all.

Lack of payment options

Whether your event is on Zoom or in-person, it’s complicated to charge for it.

People don’t RSVP

You don’t know who has even seen your event invite or plans to come.

When you should be using

Integrate with Zoom to simplify your virtual event setup connects with your Zoom account and generates a beautiful link for your event. Just fill out the Event Name, Description, and Time, and it will automatically notify your community.

Charge an admission fee for your events

Make it effortless to pay for access to your class, coaching session, party, or any in-person or virtual event with We’ll handle all of the payment processing and member authentification so that you can focus on creating an amazing experience.

Increase your show up rates and get higher engagement

Less than 20% of your audience will see your event and even fewer will add it to their calendar. Reach the other 80% of your members with by automatically adding new events to their calendars and saving all upcoming event information in one place.

“ helps you build communities where the members really get to know each other. It allows you to deliver an amazing experience with live sessions, and an engaging group chat!”

Soheil Var

Football Community

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