Reach your audience wherever they are

Write your message once, hit send, and we’ll find a way to successfully deliver it across channels, without spamming. It’s our best feature yet!

You’re struggling with this

Lack of contact information

Struggling to get basic information to learn more about your members.

Low open rates

Links get lost, information gets missed, and the chat is hard to navigate.

Dependency on 1 platform

The basic chat platform features are not cutting it for your needs.

When you should be using

Messaging software that is simple and easy to use

Traditional email software is complicated and designed for big companies. Save time and money with our Magic Reach tool that allows you to write your message, and click one button to send it.

Automatically find the best way to send messages to your members

With intelligent messaging, the tool will begin to learn how users prefer to be contacted and where they are most active. If they ignore the first message, Magic Reach finds another way to send it!

Build and own your own list to contact your audience directly

Reaching your audience on your existing platform is just one way to communicate with them. But if the platform were to disapear, how would you find them again? Easily capture their information with user verification and remove platform dependency.

“ is a platform made by content creators for fellow content creators. Having multiple content formats available in one platform and connectivity to existing ones is essential in growing my community.”

Camille Fornela

The Budgetarian Bride Community

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