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Nas.io is the platform for creators to take back control of their community with exclusive Memberships, Courses, Events, and more – all in one and all for free.

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Tools for your private community

Event hosting
Paid membership
Digital store
Email marketing
Online course
Chat integration
Website building
Token gating

WhatsApp Communities

Supercharge your WhatsApp group with Nas.io

Why your community doesn’t work today

Without Nas.io,

    Your community is all over the place

    You don’t own any member data

    You’re not making money

    You are limited by algorithms

With Nas.io,

    Your community has a private space

    You own all member data

    You can monetize in 5 different ways

    You have direct access to your members

Making money from your community is easier than you think

How big is your audience?10 followers
Choose how to monetize
Earn up toUSD 0/yearBased on Nas.io communities

Our Killer Features

Magic integrations

Build a private community on the apps your members already use

Nas.io integrates with all community apps including WhatsApp. Let your members hang out wherever they want. You can manage it all on the Nas.io portal.

Magic Reach

Don't settle for just email

Magic Reach allows you to communicate across ALL channels. Go where your members are: Email, Text and even Discord announcements.

Nas.io makes running a private community easy

Nas.io gives you


All your member data is available to you to Download. We believe Creators should own their community, and not have to beg an algorithm to reach them. Data ownership is a right, not a privilege.

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Nas.io gives you


Magic Reach is the Email Marketer of the Future that can send messages through email, Discord, Whatsapp, and Nas.io

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Nas.io gives you


Monetize your community in 5 different ways with Nas.io: sell memberships, create paid events, host courses, get brand sponsorships, or set up a shop.

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Nas.io gives you

Happy Members

Admin tasks that took hours now take seconds with Nas.io. No more separate databases with different member data. Nas.io is truly the All-in-One solution.

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“It’s stupid simple.”

Our customers love how easy it is to start and run a community with nas.io

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Jam Blauta

"I never expected to find such success on Nas.io, but after funneling my TikTok audience to the platform, I was able to build a loyal community of 12,000 followers. The platform has helped me to make thousands of dollars and I am grateful for the opportunity it has given me


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Nomad Finance Girl

“The platform has helped me build and manage a successful paid community of 300 members and generate a monthly recurring revenue of $4,500. Thank you, Nas.io, for providing such a powerful and user-friendly platform for my community."


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Chris Koronowski

"I've had great success with my Web3 enthusiast newsletter on Nas.io. The platform's intuitive interface and helpful team made it easy to set up and customize my newsletter. Now, I have a growing community of excited followers staying up to date on the latest in the field.


Brands need private community too

Nas.io works with your brand to turn customers into community members and increase their lifetime value. Inquire here for more.

We’re here to help

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Dedicated account support
Free community strategy consultation
Free access to resources and events

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