You’re struggling with this

Cloud storage for media files

You’re stuck using Dropbox or Google Drive links to store your digital content.

Permission settings and sharing

Cloud storage links are ugly, but it’s also not a secure way to give access.

Monetizing your knowledge

You’ve thought about building a course, but the existing solutions are just too complicated.

When you should be using

Put all your media in one place and create beautiful collections

You spend time and effort creating content for your community, so make sure it’s visible and accessible to all with easy navigation inside the member portal.

Create a private library of video content for members only

Use as a private YouTube to upload and share your videos. Give your content true exclusivity by gating it within your community portal and only allowing verified members to access what’s inside.

Build a beautiful course in less than 3 minutes

Use to make money by selling courses and educational resources. In 4 easy steps, you can build out as many course as you want for your community. Just decide how much you’d like to charge, or connect it to your smart contract.

“ is a great library for our educational community. All of our members finally have one place that's token gated where they can experience all the events and course offerings.”

Rockwell Shah

Invisible College

Ready? Gather your people.

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