Telegram vs WhatsApp: Which Messaging App is Right for You?

In a world dominated by messaging apps, WhatsApp and Telegram stand out with a staggering three billion users globally.

Online communication is universal and vital. An app’s ability to help you express your thoughts in chat and secure your conversations is important. Whether you need them for personal or professional use, these factors can’t be compromised.

But how do you determine which one is suitable for you?

This post will review and compare four elements: main features, security, customization options, and limitations.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features Comparison
  2. Security and Privacy
  3. Integration with Other Platforms

Features Comparison

WhatsApp and Telegram share features like voice and video calls, and group creation. They both have options for secret chats and private messages for added security.

You can create multiple group chats and merge them into one bigger community on WhatsApp. While Telegram groups can be upgraded into a Supergroup for more member capacity

The two apps can host a community. But what makes each of them different?

Key features: WhatsApp

Each WhatsApp group chat can hold over a thousand members. Then, you can merge groups into communities composed of up to 50 groups with a maximum of 250,000 total members. You can share files not exceeding 100MB in each message.

One impressive feature of WhatsApp is the integration of generative AI within chats. They have added Meta AI, Stickers AI, and Image Editing AI to encourage more engaging conversations.

You can use Ruby AI on WhatsApp to summarize group conversations in case you’ve been offline. This is an added feature through a different platform and is great for keeping you in the loop!

Key features: Telegram

Telegram allows you to add as many as 200,000 members in supergroups. Community managers can adjust permissions in each group to organize discussions and information. File-sharing capacity is also larger on Telegram with an impressive 2GB limit.

This app has also been popular with its bots since 2015. Users can create custom stickers, convert images to text, or share YouTube videos within the chat boxes.


In summary, WhatsApp and Telegram each have their strengths. If you value simplicity, large group capacity, and advanced AI features for engaging conversations, WhatsApp is the choice. But if you prefer more customization, or larger file-sharing Telegram emerges as the preferred option.

Ultimately, the verdict depends on individual preferences, with WhatsApp excelling in straightforward usage and WhatsApp offering a more customizable and feature-rich experience.

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Security and Privacy

For businesses and growing communities, keeping conversations secure is crucial. This part compares Telegram and WhatsApp, focusing on their default security settings.

Security and Privacy: WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps your messages private by ensuring only you and the person you’re talking to can read them with end-to-end encryption. You can connect a maximum of 4 devices using your main phone.

Security and Privacy: Telegram

Telegram also protects messages with end-to-end encryption, but you can use the “secret chat” for extra security.

Chats are not automatically private in this app and there is no limit to the number of devices you can log on to. It gives flexibility but a bit less protection.


So, if you want simple and secure messaging, choose WhatsApp. It keeps your messages private, checks your devices for security, and allows up to 4 connected devices.

But if you like flexibility, go for Telegram. You can log in on as many devices as you want, just remember to turn on extra privacy with “secret chat.”

It’s all about what you value more – straightforward security with WhatsApp or more options with Telegram.

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    Integration with Other Platforms

    Integrating with other platforms is important if you are using WhatsApp or Telegram for business or larger communities.

    For example, is a free community platform tailored for coaches and creators. It can host files, and digital products, or provide a landing page.

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    Here are some ways can enhance your WhatsApp or Telegram communities:

    File Hosting

    Both apps have file-sharing limits, with WhatsApp restricting it to 100MB, while Telegram allows up to 2GB.

    If you have bigger files to share, an alternative is using another platform., for example, securely hosts video content, online courses, and your digital products. It’s a place to store larger media and other files that neither messaging app can do for you.

    Monetization Options

    WhatsApps does not directly give you a way to monetize. You can only use it to communicate with customers and clients.

    However, if you integrate it with free community platforms like, you can have more options to earn money. Here are some examples:

    1. Turn your groups into a membership-based community. You can gate them and allow only subscribed members. You can set up a monthly, bi-monthly, or annual membership term.

    2. Sell tickets to your events. All the organizing you need to execute your event can be done in Members can purchase tickets and see updates on your event.

    3. Create a newsletter subscription option. This is one of the easiest ways to monetize both apps using Send weekly newsletters. If you have a digital marketing community, run weekly updates about exclusive updates and trends, like Geekout Pro.

    4. One-on-one coaching sessions. Your members can book 1:1 coaching with you through your landing page. Your available timeslots, rates, and other details are customized in the portal.

    5. Sell digital products or online courses. Because can secure large files, you can store your digital products and online courses on the platform. Your members can access paid resources after completing the purchase.

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    Analytics Support

    You can measure community engagement with through analytics support. It tracks your membership rates and earnings.

    You can review how many people joined your community and the region they are from. Plus, you get to have your own member’s database for targeted campaigns and offerings.


    Communication is vital in today’s digital era.

    There are a lot of chat apps available, but Telegram and WhatsApp are among the the most popular for their simplicity and ease of use.

    These apps are simple and easy to use for regular chatting with friends and families. But it can also empower your content creation or coaching business.

    The more members get onboard, the more challenging it is to manage.

    It’s all about having all the tools you need to sustain your online community. Having different options to monetize also allows you to provide more value to your members.

    If you find this post helpful for comparing Telegram vs WhatsApp, you can check our comparison of the Best Online Coaching Platforms in 2024.

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