WhatsApp Feature: How to Use AI for Your Online Community

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Meta has joined the generative AI movement for their apps. WhatsApp now has AI tools to make conversations more creative and engaging

From AI-generated media to built-in search engines, users can easily grasp contexts in chats.

In this post, let us delve into the artificial intelligence features integrated within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s AI Features

WhatsApp’s AI update gives you a personal assistant, image editor, and endless resources in just a single app.

You can have more fun interactions while increasing productivity and creativity in your groups.

To start, just update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Here are some new features you can use today:

Meta AI

Meta AI brings search engines into your messaging app. You can search for information without switching to other apps and devices. This integrated AI will generate results in real time.

Similar to chatGPT, you can ask Meta AI questions and get more insights within the group chat. To do this, type “@” in the field and click “Meta AI”. Then, type your prompt and click send.

This feature is helpful when you want to spark

whatsapp meta ai update sample in chat

AI Personalities

AI Personalities add fun to your WhatsApp experience. The cool part is having different personalities that took inspiration from cultural icons.
They have their roles and styles to make the interaction seem real.

For example, Kendall Jenner’s AI version can talk to you like a big sister. Snopp Dog is a dungeon master you can play a roleplay game with in the chat. Or a seasoned chef like Roy Choi will give you cooking tips and tricks.

You can find more influencers like Charli D’Ameo and Mr. Beast when you try this out. discussions within your community.

ai personalities on whatsapp chats

AI Stickers

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of AI Stickers. Users can create their own stickers instead of searching for emojis, stickers, and memes manually.

Users can simply describe the stickers they want and WhatsApp will automatically generate it within the chat. This functionality extends to all other Meta applications, including Facebook and Instagram.

personalized stickers on whatsapp chats as ai update

AI Image Editing

You won’t need to open another app to remove image backgrounds or add elements when sending it to your chats. Meta has added AI Image Editing where you can make quick touch-ups or change art sets.

You can generate images by describing them. This includes photorealistic images you can get in the chats. Imagine Midjourney and DALL-E embedded in your WhatsApp chat.

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    If your words cannot explain it, let the AI image editing option visualize it for your conversations!

    image editing sample on meta apps using ai

    Ruby AI

    Ruby AI summarizes all the topics discussed in group chats. It can turn 500+ messages into one beautiful and concise summary.
    No matter how far back you left off the conversations, you can use this tool to catch up

    sample summary for ruby ai on whatsapp chats
    To get the most out of Ruby AI for your community, you can use free platforms like Nas.io. You can manage all the conversations from here and send them to your WhatsApp.

    The steps are easy:

    1. Go to Nas.io and create your community

    nas.io community creation for whatsapp

    2. Next, connect your WhatsApp chat group

    3. Lastly, unlock the Ruby Ai chat summary and insights. You will now receive a daily clean summary of your WhatsApp group conversation in your inbox.

    You can skip all the stress and chaos of keeping up with all of your group chats. It enables you to focus on engagement and giving more value to your members.

    Monetize Your WhatsApp Community

    These WhatsApp AI updates are great for building communities. For creators, it’s a great opportunity to monetize.

    You can enhance your WhatsApp community using free platforms like Nas.io, which gives multiple options to earn money.

    Here are some ways you can monetize on WhatsApp:

    1. Charge a monthly membership fee. Turn your groups into an exclusive community where members gain valuable insights and access to your resources.
    2. Start a newsletter subscription. Nas.io has a Magic Reach tool to help you send newsletters to all your messaging App. Complementing WhatsApp’s Ruby AI, you can send targeted campaigns using the data and insight you have received.
    3. Host paid events. Are you an expert in your field? You can launch paid events and workshops and earn money solely from your skills.
    4. Sell digital products. Create resources like recipes, digital templates, or artwork and sell them in your community groups. Nas.io provides you with a library to securely host all these.

    All the payment processes are managed by Nas.io when you connect your WhatsApp community on the platform.

    To make it better, the Analytics Tool in communities provides data on your community status. You can review membership numbers, their regions, and activity rate.

    On the same page, you can review your earnings, payouts, and discounts given on a regular basis.


    We are slowly adapting to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence. We are learning to leverage its power to create more value.

    The new WhatsApp update has made chatting even better. These prompts are helpful and fun, which keeps members engaged. And the more they interact, the more productive and valuable your online community becomes.

    If you find WhatsApp AI features interesting, you might want to check our post on The Ultimate Guide to Managing a WhatsApp Community for more tips.

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