WhatsApp vs Slack: Best Messaging App for Your Community

The messaging app ecosystem has evolved. From a simple communication tool to send a message, to a powerful platform to bring communities together.

WhatsApp and Slack are two of the most popular messaging apps today.

In this post, we are comparing which app is the best to start an online community. We will discuss their key features, pricing, and opportunities to monetize.

Then, we will give a verdict to help you make a choice.

WhatsApp Overview

Known for easy and secure personal messaging, WhatsApp is also handy for creating an online community. It has a user-friendly interface and only requires a phone number to start.

Community members can easily chat and discuss topics in group chats with the simple app layout design.

whatsapp community user interface on mobile view

Slack Overview

Professional teams opt to use Slack for their communication and collaboration processes. It’s a versatile platform for facilitating projects and team members.

Community managers use this app for its organizational features that divide topics into different channels.

slack user interface screenshot on mobile and desktop view

Messaging features

Let’s discuss how the messaging feature of each app can help your community’s needs.

WhatsApp Messaging Features

Navigation is simple and easy on WhatsApp because it’s designed for personal messaging. Users from different regions, age groups, or industry can understand the practical texting layout.

You can merge different chat groups into channels for a wider broadcast. Funneled announcements are easier and more organized this way.

Now, Meta has added AI tools to make conversations even clearer and engaging.

Here are some of them:

  • Meta AI – works like a search engine. You can search for more information without leaving the chat. It promotes more accurate discussions on topics that build community trust and credibility.
  • Ruby AI – summarizes group chats and sends them straight to your inbox. This is helpful if you’re a busy creator with no time to read all the chats. You can stay in the loop even when you log off sometimes.
  • Sticker AI – instead of using just emojis, you can create your own stickers by describing it in the chat
  • Image AI – you can restyle backdrops and change visual style based on your description.
  • Personality AI – a fun way to search for information and insights from the personalities you follow. For example, you can ask an AI-generated Kendall Jenner for pep talks!

WhatsApp is already built for accessibility and simplicity. But adding more features that make chatting easier helps big online communities thrive.

Slack Messaging Features

Slack’s main interface is called WorkSpace. Instead of just chats, you have an overview of all the channels and direct messaging at a glance.

When using Slack for an online community, you can create different channels for all the relevant topics.

It’s a popular app for business teams because of a virtual office setup. You can connect project management software, calendars, and conferencing tools.

Slack does not have AI tools to enhance conversations, but you can still connect with other apps. Although it has a sleek look, customization options may not be visible and require user exploration.

side by side comparison of slack and whatsapp

The verdict: Messaging features

Slack is a solid platform for your virtual office needs and can double for online communities. However, the interface is not for simple messaging and not recommended for friendly neighborhood online communities.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has become a go-to texting app for many users. Over time, they have made messaging seamless and more intuitive. And because this is a staple for many regions globally, online communities can stay sustainable and accessible.

Cost and Pricing Models

Next, let’s talk about the cost of building an online community using Slack or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Cost and Pricing

WhatsApp is free to use and accessible on both mobile and desktop applications.

If you are online, you can access all the features at no additional charge.

Slack Cost and Pricing

Slack has a free version of the basic messaging feature.

You can invite an unlimited number of members, but some tools like group huddles are unavailable. The message history also disappears after 90 days and is not recommended for focused discussions.

To unlock this, you can purchase the Pro plan that starts at $.25 per person per month. Or the Business+ at $12.50 for each member monthly.

The verdict: Cost and Pricing Models

You don’t have to spend additional money to start your community. WhatsApp already has the chat groups and channels you will need for communication.

Moreover, AI significantly makes interactions more lively.

Between WhatsApp and Slack, the former has the edge for a thriving community.

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    slack and whatsapp comparison

    Monetization Features using Nas.io

    Neither WhatsApp nor Slack have built-in monetization options. But the integration to Nas.io opens this opportunity for you.
    Here are some ways you can monetize both apps with Nas.io:

    1. Paid memberships. If you want to earn through paid memberships, Nas.io lets you gate your online community allowing only paying members. You can set up monthly, bi-monthly, or annual membership payments.
    2. Newsletter subscription. With Magic Reach, you can charge for newsletters that will bring value to your members.
    3. Sell digital products. You can upload or build your online course modules inside products and link them to paying community members.
    4. Host paid events. You can create paid events from the Nas.io platform and promote them on your WhatsApp or Slack communities.
    5. One-on-one coaching session. You have an all-in-one scheduling tool with Nas.io. Members can see your available time, book, and complete the payment on the platform.

    nas.io monetization options screenshots

    All of these options are available whether you use WhatsApp or Slack.

    You can create something like Global Meditation with Gurudev, an online community on WhatsApp where members meditate together virtually.

    Or INDVSTRY CLVB by Amber Jacobs on Slack. It’s for exclusive events in various industries for professionals.

    Tools Integration

    Both Slack and WhatsApp do not have monetization options. But you can use platforms like Nas.io to access the tools you need for this feature.

    If you’re a community manager, you can boost engagement efforts through this community builder app.

    Here’s how to start using Nas.io:

    WhatsApp Integration

    To use Nas.io for your WhatsApp community, follow the steps below.

    1. Create your community on Nas.io (or skip to Step 2 if you already have one!)

    4. Go to your WhatsApp and open “Group Info”

    6. Copy the link and paste it on Nas.io

    7. Click “Connect”

    Make your WhatsApp Group 10x more powerful

    Slack Integration

    The process for integrating Slack into Nas.io is the same as WhatsApp. Just select Slack as your primary messaging app and follow the prompts on the screen.

    The Verdict: Tools integration

    Both WhatsApp and Slack allow integration of other apps into their chat groups. You can create a landing page for your community and direct them to either of the apps.

    However, because of WhatsApp’s advanced AI tools, you can make the most out of your online community when you use it for Nas.io

    Analytics Tools

    How do you know if your community is doing well? You need a robust analytics tool to measure your progress in numbers.

    With Nas.io, you can gain access to member’s databases and make more data-driven decisions. There is a management analytics dashboard to track member engagement and enhance your offerings with actionable data.

    Another great analytics insight is your revenue once you start monetizing WhatsApp or Slack groups.


    In this comparison, WhatsApp stands out with the user-friendly interface. It’s built for everyday messaging, so the buttons are intuitive. Plus, AI tools make conversations more cohesive and engaging.

    Monetization options are available in both apps when integrated with Nas.io. The key difference is the approach you are planning to take towards your community.

    If you want a more professional and structured space, you can use Slack. But if you need a messaging app that everyone already has on their phone, go for WhatsApp.

    Thanks for checking out WhatsApp vs Slack comparison! If you enjoyed this post, you might also like our post on The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Community Online

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