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👋 Welcome to INDVSTRY CLVB, the ultimate private membership community for creative industry insiders! 🎉 As a member, you'll get unparalleled insider information to the most exclusive events and experiences across a diverse range of industries that are not limited to music, film, fashion, art, food, hospitality, technology, entertainment, and business. 🎭🎥👗🎨🍴💻🎬 But it's not just about the events - we're a diverse community of like-minded socialites, connected through our groupchat, newsletter, and events calendar. 💬📩📅 Ready to up your networking game and join the INDVSTRY elite? 💪 Why subscribe, you ask? 1️⃣ Access to our WhatsApp community of industry professionals. 🤳 2️⃣ Access our FREE-ONLY industry events calendar. 🌆 3️⃣ Get live updates on curated, exclusive free events.
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