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If you’re a fitness creator and want to find a new way to engage your community, it’s about time you launch a fitness challenge. It’s a fun and exciting way to sweat it out together while you are earning if you charge participation fees.

Unlike other forms of fitness coaching, a challenge promotes both accountability and independence. Your members are urged to show up at every step of the challenge because they can see other people progress.

How to Come Up with a Fitness Challenge Idea

When thinking of a challenge or an idea, it’s important to establish that it is a short-term goal although the benefits can last a lifetime.

Short-term fitness challenges are doable on a more regular basis so sustainability is important. A balance between maximizing the positive impact and avoiding overdoing the workout is vital. Opting for simple yet sustainable workout routines for a challenge is better than complex ones.

The best to do is to run a poll or a survey to determine the member’s interest in participating in a challenge. For creators who have beginners as their members, a good tip is to start with basic routines then you can increase the intensity over time.

Top Fitness Challenges Ideas that Work

Planning for a fitness challenge doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re still wondering what specific challenge you can launch today, here are some exciting suggestions:

  • 5K (or more) Steps a Day Challenge
  • Daily Push-up Challenge
  • 1-Minute Plank Challenge
  • 30-Day Meditation Challenge
  • 30-Day Martial Arts Challenge
  • Personal Best Run Time Challenge
  • Daily Calorie Target Challenge

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Unlike complicated workout routines, anyone can participate in these challenges. More people can be included and motivated to participate. And because they are easy to do, people can show up and look forward to completing them every day.

These every day wins can give them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to charge forward to the challenge.

For example, Nourish with SIM Community has completed its “Walk your first 5K Challenge” for those who want to improve their stamina. This challenge seems micro but is designed to address long-term health concerns like weight.

Tools you need to run a fitness challenge

To ensure success in your challenge, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools from start to end. A challenge does not only consist of the actual tasks but also communication, promotion, and admin work.

When looking for the right tools, make sure they have the following:

  1. Reliable tracker. To run a fitness challenge, you need a reliable tracker that the participants can access on the go. One that they can update anytime they complete the challenge for the day.
  2. Landing page creator. A comprehensive landing page helps prospects understand the element of the challenge. If they can access everything they need, they are most likely to join your challenge.
  3. Chat integrations. Communication and interaction are important when doing a challenge together. So a platform where members don’t have to change their messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram will encourage them to join.
  4. Secure platform for content. If you have video modules, choose a platform that can securely store and share them with your members.
  5. Payment Processing. Admin and logistics work should be the last of your concerns if you want to focus on creating a positive impact. Tools that have this feature can make your challenge management so much easier.

Create your fitness challenge here

How to Use for Your Fitness Challenge is a free community platform where fitness creators can run their challenges successfully. It’s designed to have all the practical tools from progress tracking, promoting, and nudging your members.

Here’s how:

1. Go to and create your fitness community.

create an online community page for

3. Next, go to the “Challenges” tab and click “Create Challenge”

4. Name your challenge and set the price. Paid challenges appear to be more effective in motivating members to finish what they’ve started.

5. Set up the schedule, the start to end date, and schedule your checkpoints. Checkpoints are the tasks to complete on the day before progressing to the next one.

6. Choose how often you’d like the checkpoint to be.

7. Add more details and instructions for the checkpoint. You can upload videos as a demo to show them the correct routine.

8. Under the “Participants” tab, you can see who has joined your challenge and where they are currently at in the checkpoints.

Once you’re done, you can now create a landing that the participants can see.

9. In the “Configure Sales Page” section, you can edit the description and the URL.

Sign up for free today

    10. To communicate, add a challenge group chat by integrating your preferred messaging app. supports WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, and more. This is where all interactions happen.

    11. Add rewards for successful completers to recognize their efforts.

    12. Hit publish and you’re live.

    Everything you added will be on your landing page like this:

    How Members Can Use

    Participants need to download the app to join your challenge.

    They just have to go to the “Challenges” tab and select your challenge to get to the landing page. It’s where they can find all the details they need like the duration, number of checkpoints, and the countdown timer so they can set a reminder.

    On this page, they can pay the participation fee and join the challenge group chat. They can also invite their friends and family to do the challenge and make progress together. supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, and localized payment gateways that are secure and convenient.

    Upsell by Creating a Fitness Challenge on is built so you can make money through communities. Aside from an online fitness challenge, it has more monetization features where you can upsell after creating your first fitness challenge.

    Paid Memberships
    Once you’ve created an online community on the platform, you can turn it into a subscription-based membership. Invite your fitness challenge participants to become a permanent part of the community so they can explore more offerings that can help them.

    1:1 Coaching Sessions
    Offer 1:1 coaching sessions for anyone who wants to maintain the progress they’ve made after completing the challenge.

    Sell Digital Products and Online Courses
    If you have existing online courses, nutritional guides, or recipes, you can upload them on Interested members can purchase them from you through the app.

    Start a Newsletter Subscription
    Keep them in the loop with an exclusive newsletter subscription. You can share personal notes, tips, and information for the next challenges.

    Start earning with today

    Fitness Communities on

    The Digvijay Lifestyle community created the “7-Day Health Reset: Optimise Your Body and Mind!” challenge for an INR 499 participation fee. They helped their members set sustainable fitness goals depending on their health status.

    For martial arts enthusiasts, a “30-Day Martial Arts Challenge” is created by Darshan Martial Art to promote discipline and consistency to their members. It is their way of growing together genuinely and authentically.


    Launching a fitness challenge through is a great way to bring people together for fun and fitness. It’s easy to manage, offers tools for success, and can be monetized to support creators.

    Whether it’s a simple daily challenge or a longer-term fitness journey, has everything needed to make it a success.

    Join today and start creating inspiring fitness challenges that bring people closer to their health goals!

    If you find this post helpful for running your first fitness challenge check out How to Start an Online Coaching Business for more ways to earn.

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