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Curious about the benefits and features of vs Discord? We have all the info you need right here. 

Hosting your community can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available to you. We want you to find the best place to host yours, so we’ve looked at the most popular platforms and have consolidated all the information on their features and drawbacks right here for you to see.

Community management comes with its challenges, including but not limited to: member engagement, audience reach, clunky tools and integration, tech issues, platform limitations, impossible migration, and communication problems. 

Another problem is that many of the apps and tools available to community managers are actually designed for big businesses and brands. Even if your community hosts tens of thousands of members, tech that’s designed to reach 10x more people is not going to be designed with your needs in mind. And, while platforms have tried to accommodate this by introducing ways to communicate with your members on the platform or via email, the reality is you’re only reaching a fraction of your user base that way, effectively cutting your community in half. 

So, to help you get a better idea of what’s one offer, let’s take a look at and Discord. is a platform designed host and manage communities. Many of the people behind are content creators and understand what it means to have an online community that thrives, along with the barriers community founders face when trying to build one. 

We’ve been working in social media for a long time, and have discovered that the best part of social media are the communities that have been formed because of it. People are social and want to connect with others… And social media has been connecting people from all over the world since its invention. We want to contribute to this incredible space, and is how we’re doing it.

We’re also giving you the tools to create your own community right here on We’ve pooled all our resources to give you the best community experience, all while drawing from the best features you want to use when connecting with others online.

If you already host your own community, we have something for you too! Our community tools integrate seamlessly with other platforms like Discord, so your community doesn’t doesn’t have to go anywhere… But your community experience will be made even better with what we offer.

Magic Reach

One of the struggles of owning a community is not being able to reach community members. It’s possible for your reach to be limited by as much as 60%… Meaning your community is significantly smaller in practice. It affects your engagement and retention numbers, killing your community.

This happens for a number of reasons: messages get buried, people don’t read DMs, the algorithm means your post doesn’t make it to feeds. 

One way to overcome this is through CRM technology, where email comes into play. While this is a step in the right direction, it’s also not a perfect solution because mailing software like Mailchimp is designed for massive businesses and brands, and has many tools and features that you just don’t need for community management. 

Not only that, it’s expensive tech! You’ll be paying a lot of money for software with that isn’t designed for you, and doesn’t work for what you need. Email is also not a perfect fail-safe because emails can end up in spam folders or just left unread, leaving you back where you started. 

And so we’ve developed a nifty tool called Magic Reach. This is the CRM of your dreams, and will transform the way you interact with your community. Like the rest of, it seamlessly integrates with other community platforms like Discord. 

Magic Reach allows you to export your community member information, so it’ll never be lost. You’ll never lose your community, no matter what happens to the platform. 

Why It’s Like Magic

Magic Reach allows you to send emails to your community. If your community members don’t open the email, it’ll then send a text message and a DM to the member to ensure your message is read. 

But the best part of Magic Reach is that it’s designed for creators and communities. Gone are the complicated analytics, confusing terms, and weird tech that you’re too scared to touch. In its place is an intuitive, easy to use CRM tool that overcomes the algorithm and increases your reach.

And it’s completely free — there are no hidden costs attached, no matter how big your email list or community. You’ll be saving hundreds of dollars and hours of time, all while connecting with your community like never before


Setting up your community is easier than ever with We’ve taken away the guesswork and tech… leaving you with the fun stuff! Brand your community however you like, give it a name, and you’re good to go! You can even customize your URL at no additional cost so that you can take into account SEO, reach, and aesthetics. 

If you run into any problems, or need a specific tech requirement, our support team is on hand to assist you with anything. 

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    Setting up a community on Discord is a simple process, though it can take a bit of practice to know about its many features. Discord offers a variety of bots that do many things, including playing music pulled from Spotify or YouTube playlists, organizing member roles, and even spontaneous games that members can play in the chats. Setting these up requires a bit of know-how, especially if you’re new to community management and aren’t sure of what you need. 

    Discord doesn’t allow customization of your server URL, so you’re stuck with what you get. 

    Content Creation

    Creating courses is easier than ever before with our course builder. All you have to do is upload your video on our platform, name it, and it’s done! 

    You can also monetize your courses and market it to your community. This is a source of revenue for many content creators, all while providing education and value to your community. 


    Discord doesn’t have a dedicated tool to build courses, and their asset upload limit means that videos need to be hosted outside of the platform. 

    Live Events and Streaming integrates with other platforms to provide event management and live streaming. You don’t need an account with these platforms — all you need to do is login to your account and launch the app from our platform. 

    This means that events you plan aren’t only organized in Invitations will be sent to community members through Magic Reach, and will be registered on apps like Google Calendar. 

    There’s also no limit to the number of people you can invite to a live online event. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000, everyone will be able to attend your live stream.


    Discord has its own in-house events management system. Members are able to create invites and RSVP to invitations. The invitations stay within the platform and members don’t get notified via outside platforms such as email. 

    Discord supports voice and video chat. This includes video hosting and streaming for events. However, there is a cap on the number of attendees. There is currently no way around this cap, and events larger than 50 attendees (with Nitro) need to be hosted on other platforms such as Zoom. 


    Take the guesswork out of analyzing your data with’s comprehensive, intuitive data reports based on your analytics. You don’t have to guess what numbers are good or bad, or which ones you need to improve on because has that covered. 

    Immediately get an overview of the health of your community and get suggestions of ways to improve weaker areas through Magic Reach and engagement tools. 


    Server Insights is Discord’s analytics feature, and is only available once your community hits over 500 members. Server Insights gives key metrics and organizes the data into handy graphs and charts, though we do want to point out that it doesn’t indicate what exactly those numbers mean. 

    Community Ownership

    With, you’re the owner of your community. What does that mean? Imagine your community is hosted on Discord. If Discord were to disappear tomorrow, you wouldn’t lose your community. Why? Because member contact information is stored on (don’t worry — it’s secure and you won’t be getting spam or hackers). In the event of an emergency, Magic  Reach will send messages to every member of your community, and migrating to a different platform your community gets to survive… Instead of losing it forever. 


    There’s currently no way to transfer Discord communities to another platform, and if Discord were to have an issue your entire community would be lost. 

    Customization and Branding

    Your brand voice is important whether you’re a business, a content creator, or even a community manager. Your brand tells your community members what to expect from the community, what’s appropriate, and how they can expect you to engage with them. Breaking that brand voice is one of the big no-nos of community management. 

    Because knows how important branding is for your platform, we’ve given you full control over your branding on You can put in your logo, your brand name, pick your colors, and make sure your brand voice comes across when you set up with us. 

    We even give you the option to edit your URL however you like for branding and SEO. This is your home on the Internet, and you should be able to make it work for you.


    Discord offers a number of customization options, including a server profile picture, roles, and colors for community members and the option to upload custom emojis to the server. However, Discord doesn’t have tools for customization of colors or branding, and there isn’t an option to customize your URL… An important part of being recognized, keeping your brand voice consistent, and making your URL looking great when sharing it. 

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