Guide: Discord Verification Using Token-Gating

Online security is a risk for your community. You don’t want trolls or hackers coming in and ruining everything. So you’ll be happy to see our new update that adds an extra layer of security to your community. 

We’ve introduced verification on Discord for NFT communities, and are working on verification for non-Web3 communities in the future.

This tutorial will explain Discord verification through NFTs, why we introduced it, and what this means for your community. 

How It Works

We’ve integrated a Discord bot with so that all verification is done through This involves our Discord verification bot, which assigns roles based on the NFTs your users own. 

These roles will be automatically assigned to your users. Community managers will also be able to add new roles, edit, and remove roles on 

What this solves: 

  • Verification through requires using different tools to verify NFTs, assign roles, and get access to community channels. We fix this so you just need
  • Users no longer have to connect their wallet twice. 


  • Verify your NFT holders with just a few clicks.
  • Grant your users corresponding roles to the NFTs they own.
  • Add multiple collections and set up multiple roles according to the NFTs they own.
  • Give your holders access to your community portal for exclusive access to events and content. 
  • You get access to a beautiful and intuitive UI for verification rather than 
  • Your user info is safe with us.
  • Seamlessly verify your users from Discord. 

So let’s break down how this feature works. 

For Community Managers

When setting up your community, make sure to connect it to Discord as we don’t have verification available for Telegram (yet!). 

Set-Up NFT Gated Access

Set up NFT gated access to your community. You can add multiple NFT collections.

We currently support Ethereum ERC721, but ERC115 and Solana (Beta) can be set up if you reach out to our account managers as these platforms are currently on Beta. 

Set Up Roles in Discord Server 

Create roles for the NFT collections you want to include. If you need instructions on how to create roles on Discord, you can read their guide here.

Each collection needs a role. You can set up the roles in your Discord server.  

Select which roles you want to be attached to which NFT collection. 

Add a description (optional) and set up the token amount role for this NFT. 

For example, only holders with at least 2 tokens from the We are SINGAPORE NFT can be granted the role. 

Feel free to create as many rules as you like. 


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    And you’re done! 

    Now only new members who have joined your community with the required NFTs can be assigned roles. 

    For Members

    Members can only verify their NFTs once the community manager has enabled verification. 

    Members can see if verification is set up when the default channel for verification pops up on the Discord server. 

    This channel is where you go to join and verify your digital assets. 

    Verifying Your NFT(s)

    Read the instructions in the default channel to start the verification process. 

    Click on the link that will take you to the community’s Public Page on to join using your NFT. 

    Connect your wallet to verify your NFT(s). 

    You will be able to access once you’ve joined. Upon return to Discord, you’ll automatically be assigned your role based on the NFTs you’ve verified. 

    And you’re done! 

    Feel free to reach out to your account manager directly if you have any questions! Make sure to join our Legends Community when signing up for regular updates and support.

    Troubleshooting FAQs

    My Web3 community is on Telegram. 

    We don’t have verification support for Telegram, but it’s coming soon so keep an eye out for updates. 

    I set up my Discord verification rules but made a mistake. Now I can’t edit them. 

    Unfortunately you CANNOT edit or delete your Discord verification rules once they’re set. Please read the instructions carefully BEFORE setting up your verification. We’re working on changing this, but for now please be extra certain you’re happy with your rules before confirming. 

    I’m on mobile. How do I do this? 

    We recommend verifying your NFTs on desktop only. 

    If you have to verify on mobile, follow these steps: 

    1. Open the Discord mobile app. 
    2. Click on the link in the default verification chat. 
    3. Make sure the link opens ONLY in the Metamask browser. NO other browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) will work.
    4. Follow the prompts to connect your wallet and get verified. 

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