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We’ve seen countless people come together and build incredible things through our classes. We also noticed that one of the best parts of our classes were the online communities that formed. And so we worked together to take the best of Nas Academy, and turn it into something special.

And now, we’re proud to announce —  our brand new site that’s easier to navigate, faster, and packed with features and tools to make your experience with us better than ever before. will be featuring a range of exciting new products, including Nas Academy Communities! All our classes will be migrating to, while our brand new Creator Accelerator Program will be hosted on Nas Academy.

Why Are We Moving? 

You might have noticed we dropped the Academy part… 

Here’s the deal. ‘Nas’ means ‘people’, and people are the foundation of our company. And so, will host Nas Academy classes as well as Nas Communities —  our exciting new product that you’ll hear more about soon. brings with it limitless potential to fulfill our mission: Bring people together. 

Hosting Communities with


We’ve been working in social media for a long time, and have discovered that the best part of social media are the communities that have been formed because of it. People are social and want to connect with others… And social media has been connecting people from all over the world since its invention. We want to contribute to this incredible space, and is how we’re doing it.

We’re also giving you the tools to create your own community right here on We’ve pooled all our resources to give you the best community experience, all while drawing from the best features you want to use when connecting with others online.

If you already host your own community, we have something for you too! Our community tools integrate seamlessly with other platforms like Discord, so your community doesn’t doesn’t have to go anywhere… But your community experience will be made even better with what we offer (and you’ll get all the features listed below).

When you sign up to set up a community with us, you get a host of services and features. Let’s dive into them!

Magic Reach

One of the struggles of owning a community is not being able to reach community members. It’s possible for your reach to be limited by as much as 60%… Meaning your community is significantly smaller in practice. It affects your engagement and retention numbers, killing your community.

This happens for a number of reasons: messages get buried, people don’t read DMs, the algorithm means your post doesn’t make it to feeds. 

One way to overcome this is through CRM technology, where email comes into play. While this is a step in the right direction, it’s also not a perfect solution because mailing software like Mailchimp is designed for massive businesses and brands, and has many tools and features that you just don’t need for community management. 

Not only that, it’s expensive tech! You’ll be paying a lot of money for software with that isn’t designed for you, and doesn’t work for what you need. Email is also not a perfect fail-safe because emails can end up in spam folders or just left unread, leaving you back where you started. 

And so we’ve developed a nifty tool called Magic Reach. This is the CRM of your dreams, and will transform the way you interact with your community. Like the rest of, it seamlessly integrates with other community platforms like Discord. 

Magic Reach allows you to export your community member information, so it’ll never be lost. You’ll never lose your community, no matter what happens to the platform. 

Why It’s Like Magic

Magic Reach allows you to send emails to your community. If your community members don’t open the email, it’ll then send a text message and a DM to the member to ensure your message is read. 

But the best part of Magic Reach is that it’s designed for creators and communities. Gone are the complicated analytics, confusing terms, and weird tech that you’re too scared to touch. In its place is an intuitive, easy to use CRM tool that overcomes the algorithm and increases your reach.

And it’s completely free — there are no hidden costs attached, no matter how big your email list or community. You’ll be saving hundreds of dollars and hours of time, all while connecting with your community like never before

Sign up for free today

    Customization is Easier Than Ever Before

    You don’t have to know anything about coding or hosting a platform to start your community. Leave the tech and web development to our experts! Setup is user-friendly and intuitive, and if you ever run into problems we’re here to provide any tech support you need. 

    Not only is setup simple, but you can customize your community as much as you like… Including the URL at no additional charge. Design your URL to reflect your community voice, make it look great for when you share it with others, and optimize it for SEO so that search engines will show it to new users.

    Global Payments

    No idea how to handle or process payments online? We’ve got you. We handle everything from local to global payments in all types of currencies (including crypto!).

    Own Your Community

    Unlike Facebook and Discord, we give you unlimited analytics no matter how big or small your community. We also give you full ownership —  if Discord (for example) breaks, you won’t lose your community and can just migrate to a different platform. You should own the community you’re building! 

    Integration with Other Platforms

    We know that transferring your community from one platform to another is an impossible task. We’ve found a way for you to have full access to all of our community features, all while keeping your community where it is. With our integration tools, you can use WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, or any other chat platform, with community features integrated, so your members can have the easiest way to communicate, all while you get’s community manager tools. 

    If you’re a creator of any kind, communities are a natural extension of connecting to your audience. It also allows you to discover new followers by tapping into our global student and instructor base. We help you grow in new ways, create your biggest fans, empower and reward your loyal community, and build a network of minds that will inspire you to come up with new ideas all the time.

    Nas Academy Communities   


    Communities aren’t the only changes is bringing. Our Nas Academy classes are changing.

    Introducing Nas Academy Communities! We already have a Nas Academy Web3 Community —  the first ever web3 space where you can learn, network, and grow all while connecting with the brightest minds and trailblazers in the industry. 

    Here’s how it works: Instead of paying for each individual class with a once-off payment, you will instead pay a subscription to one of our managed communities and get access to classes that fall under that community.

    We have three categories of managed Communities plannedCreator, Web3, and Business. Subscriptions to each of these communities unlock the ALL the classes in that category. You’ll get hundreds of hours of video content, dozens of resources and templates, and invites to exclusive live sessions with guest speakers and experts that you won’t get anywhere else. 

    Here’s how our classes are going to work.

    Learn with Others

    Get access to some of the most popular Nas Academy classes when you subscribe to our managed communities. With your subscription, you can further upskill and share your new learnings and successes with your community. You’ll have access to ALL the classes in that category while you are subscribed, without having to pay for each individual class. This means you’ll get hundreds of hours of learning at your fingertips, for less than the price of one class. 

    Get Resources 

    From workbooks to guides and templates, you will have access to resources designed by curriculum experts that will be easy and convenient to refer back to while watching video lessons. You get full access to these resources when you subscribe to our managed communities. 

    Online Events With Guest Speakers

    Subscription to a managed community means you get access to our live sessions with guest speakers! We host weekly or bi-weekly sessions with industry professionals for everyone in the community to attend (recordings are shared with anyone who can’t make it). These events are with some of the top people in their field and offer opportunities that can be near impossible to find anywhere else. Subscribing to a community means you get an invitation to our live sessions. 

    A Final Note 

    This launch has been a long time coming . is the the result of a ton of planning, research, and listening to what you want. We want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us so far. You are what makes Nas great and why we do what we do.

    We hope that our new direction brings more light to the world. Our mission is to Bring People Together, and this is a step towards doing just that.

    To our fans: thank you! To our new users: welcome! We are so excited for the future of and we hope you are too. We have some amazing plans in store for you, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

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