Creators, Here’s How To Fix The Social Media Algorithm Problem

woman doing crossed arms with social media platforms in the backgroundThe social media algorithm problem never ends. One day, you’re on top of the world, and your posts get likes, shares, and comments. But then, out of nowhere, you’re invisible. For creators often racking their brains for content ideas just to keep up with the trends can be a bit frustrating.

Why does this happen?

It’s because, behind the scenes, social media platforms are constantly tweaking how they decide what people see. And when they make a change, it can turn your online world upside down. You’re not just sharing posts; you’re battling an unseen force that holds the key to who sees your content and who doesn’t.

This game can be tiring. You put in the effort and follow the trends, but the unpredictability of these algorithms makes it hard to know if your message will ever make it to your audience.

But what if there was a way to change the game? A game where you make the rules, where your content gets the visibility it deserves.

What Exactly Are Social Media Algorithms?

six people with laptops with social media platforms logo on top

Social media platforms are like big, busy cities, and algorithms are like traffic lights and signboards. The algorithms of these platforms control what you see on your feed, just like how traffic lights manage the flow of cars. When you post something, the algorithm decides who should see it based on what it thinks people like.

Algorithms are basically math formulas that decide what posts you see. Platforms program these rules to highlight what they consider the “best” posts, keeping users scrolling for a long time.

Algorithms look at lots of stuff to make this decision. It checks what kind of posts you interact with, who your friends are, and even when you’re online. It’s like having an intelligent assistant who only shows you things it thinks you’ll like. But this assistant doesn’t always get it right.

This design, aimed at keeping users addicted, has successfully engaged billions. The side effect? Algorithms increasingly manipulate exposure and impressions based on engagement (like clicks) rather than actual relevance…

Here’s where the social media algorithm problem starts. Sometimes, they can be skewed and might show more of certain types of content and less of others.

This is called ‘algorithm bias.’ It’s like having a traffic light that’s always green for some cars but rarely green for others.

Another big issue is reduced organic reach. This means your posts no longer reach as many people as they used to. In the past, if you shared a photo or a story, many of your friends would see it. But now, the algorithm might show it to only a few people. It’s like throwing a party, but only a few of your invited guests actually know about it.

These issues can pose a major hurdle for people using social media to share ideas, sell products, or express themselves. It’s hard to make an impact if your voice isn’t being heard. It’s like speaking into a microphone that’s not always on.

For creators, this means busting organic reach myths. Playing by the rules doesn’t guarantee audience growth especially when codes change faster than your local weather forecast.

Let’s examine the effects of these challenges on content creators and the way out of this algorithm maze.

How Does Algorithm Bias Affect Content and Engagement?

Algorithm bias is like an unseen hand shaping what you see online. Sometimes, this hand picks favorites based on rules we don’t fully understand. This can mean that even great content gets lost, especially if it doesn’t fit into what the algorithm considers ‘popular’ or ‘safe.’

Social Media Algorithm Consequences of Bias

A striking example of this comes from an investigation by Schellmann and Mauro for The Guardian.

Researchers analyzed how social media algorithms designed to screen content often show bias against women. They found that everyday images of women were rated more sexually suggestive by AI tools compared to similar images of men. This bias extended to routine situations involving women, like exercising or pregnancy, leading to unfair and unequal treatment online.

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    This gender bias in algorithms can lead to ‘shadowbanning’, where content, particularly from female creators, is unfairly censored or suppressed without explanations. It’s a situation where creators are not just unseen; it’s about being unfairly judged by an algorithm that’s supposed to be neutral. For creators relying on platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, this can significantly drop engagement, reach, and income.

    The impact extends beyond visibility. Imagine you’re a fitness coach whose instructional posts are being shadowbanned because the algorithm misconstrues them. Not only does your reach plummet, but so does your ability to attract new clients. Or you’re an artist, and your art – which challenges traditional norms – is consistently demoted in feeds, stifling your ability to connect with a broader audience.

    Beyond the tangible effects, there’s a psychological toll. Creators start second-guessing their content, second-guessing their authenticity to appease the algorithm. It’s a creative straitjacket where you’re constantly worried if your next post will align with the platform’s opaque standards. The result? A watered-down online persona that hinders genuine connection with your audience.

    Enough about the real pains; what is the fix to the problem with social media algorithms? By now, you may have guessed it…

    The Fix to Your Social Media Algorithm Problem

    Tired of guessing what social media wants next?

    Here’s a cool idea: instead of viewing community building as an alternative to social media, consider it as a strategic extension.

    Social media platforms, despite their algorithmic challenges, are powerful tools for initial audience engagement. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, though experiencing a decline in average reach rates to 9.34% and 4.32%, respectively, are still crucial for capturing attention.

    The key is to use these platforms not as your end goal but as a funnel to your own community space. This space is free from the unpredictability of a social media algorithm problem,  shadow banning, and offering a more reliable and direct line of communication with your audience.

    WhatsApp: A Case Study in Guaranteed Reach

    Consider WhatsApp as a contrasting example.

    Unlike the broad but often shallow reach of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, a WhatsApp group ensures nearly 100% reach within your community. This is because every member in your WhatsApp group sees every message, making it an incredibly effective tool for maintaining a close-knit and engaged community.

    While the total number of individuals reached may be lower than on major social media platforms, the quality of engagement and the certainty that your content is seen by those who matter most – your community – is unparalleled.

    This strategy balances the wide-reaching but less predictable nature of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, with the guaranteed engagement of a platform like WhatsApp.By understanding and utilizing the strengths of each platform, you can create a more robust and effective digital presence.

    This approach ensures that while you leverage social media for visibility, you’re not solely dependent on it, thereby creating a more resilient and engaged community.

    How Amplifies This Approach

    At, we understand the frustration of creators who struggle to reach their audience due to algorithm changes. Our approach is different. We believe in empowering creators to build their communities without these constraints. Here’s how we do it:

    Direct Reach and Genuine Engagement

    • Beyond the Algorithm: On, your content reaches your audience directly without being filtered or ranked by an algorithm. It’s like directly conversing with your fans without any middleman deciding who gets to listen.
    • Magic Reach Tool: This feature on ensures that your messages are delivered to your community members through emails and texts. If an email goes unread, follows up with a text message, ensuring your content gets the attention it deserves.
    • Intuitive CRM for Creators: simplifies community management with a user-friendly CRM designed specifically for creators. It’s about making your life easier, not tangled in complex analytics and technical jargon.

    Monetization on Your Terms

    • Flexible Monetization Models: allows you to monetize your community in various ways. Whether through subscriptions, selling digital products, or hosting paid events, you can choose the best model that suits your community.
    • Seamless Integration: integrates smoothly with popular platforms like Discord, enhancing your community experience without needing to migrate your audience.

    Community Building with

    • Personalized Public Pages: Create a unique public page that reflects your brand and attracts new members. It’s like setting up your digital storefront showcasing what your community is all about.
    • Build and Grow Organically: With, you grow your community organically. It’s about nurturing genuine relationships, not just chasing follower counts.


    While the persistence of each social media algorithm problem can stifle organic reach and amplify bias, creators now have an alternative way—to branch out beyond social media.

    It is like viewing each platform helping you grow step by step. Ultimately, the power shifts back to you – the creator – when the community becomes your playing field. Your posts engage people who signed up for your vision. You develop the culture around camaraderie rather than addiction. And you reclaim control of your online identity free from rendered relevance.

    With, you can redirect your social media audience to a platform where engagement, growth, and monetization happen on your terms.

    So what are you waiting for? Start for free today.

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