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The next phase of the Internet is here, and it’s even more exciting than anyone’s told you. We’re big fans of web3, and want to give this space room to grow into its potential. And that means building a home for your community. 

While there are a growing number of places to host your community, they’re all designed for web2. Try token-gating on Discord or Telegram and see what happens. 

We don’t think the hassle of downloading endless third-party apps is sustainable when you have other things to do, so we came up with our own solutions. is Web3 ready

We looked at some of the biggest barriers web3 communities face. And there were a lot! From fiat-only payments to manually verifying NFT holders, there’s a lot of time spent battling with the limitations of web2 rather than using web3 tools that can do it for you automatically. 

Fortunately, our web3 features can be used on any platform. Check out how it works and get ready to change your web3 community experience forever. 

Streamline token gating and monetize your content

Verify NFT holders so they can unlock benefits in your community to get access to exclusive content, announcements, events, and many more. We offer full support for Ethereum and Solana Tokens. 100% Safe. 200% Holder Happiness. Zero gas expenses.


Our integrations make the platform you’re using right now ready for web3. 

Rather than manually checking if your community members actually own the NFT required for membership and preventing phishing attacks, we allow token-gating. And we integrate with chat platforms, so you can token-gate your community on Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and anywhere else your community gathers. And the best part is that this process is fully automated, so you can spend more time on what truly matters. 

Home Page 

Create a new home base for your community where they can find everything all in one place. 

Generate revenue by selling digital items exclusively to your community, plan and manage events, and send emails to your most active members with our deep integrations. Sending your community random links and DMs to make announcements is a nuisance of the past when you have one place for everyone. 

Not only is our onboarding process more user-friendly for your members (and you!), but it connects directly to’s payment gateway. This means you save in transaction fees and get most of what you earn directly in your wallet. 

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