Virtual Power Networking Eco

By Marc Jarrett

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👋 Welcome the new Virtual Power Networking Community! VPN benefits 👇 🤳 ACCESS 500+ WHATSAPP GROUPS - All categortised under Arts, Science, Humanities, Industry, Health, Lifestyle, Social Media, Countries and Cities. - Members can see what you do, and vice versa.* 🤝🏻 Daily meet-ups on Meeow - If LinkedIn and Zoom had a baby. That's meeow. 👌 Always Open Networking Lounge in - Think of it as Zoom on steroids. 🚨 NETWORKING ALERTS - Get regular updates on virtual networking events globally 🔥 BE FIRST TO KNOW - About Pop-Up networking events - Priority news leaks shared with VPN members before anyone else 👌 Access to VPN Comminity on Skool 🤓 EXPERT ANALYSIS - On best practice when it comes to networking virtually 💬 EXCLUSIVE ACCESS - Get exclusive access to the NEW members-only chat channel on WhatsApp EXCLUSIVE OFFERS! - Not available anywhere else! ❤️ SUPPORTING VPN - Your membership helps fund VPN, enabling Marc to keep you at the cutting edge of networking this way 🚨🚨🚨Note: only members of this community will retain access to the WhatsApp Groups listed in the content section *this it not possible in a standalone WhatsApp group
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