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Hey, we'd like to invite you to our hands-on workshop on General Knowledge Chatbot App Development with LangChain & Wikipedia on 18 Feb. To register for this 2-hour live instructor led hands-on workshop and build your own AI chatbot, join our community: This community is to bring together learners who are enthusiastic about upskilling themselves, learning new skills in AI, Computer Vision, and Generative AI. This is a paid community. As a member of this community, you will get access to exclusive workshops and training sessions every month (1-3 sessions a month), a community chat group on WhatsApp where you can connect with other members of this community, and access to the content shared during the training sessions. is an AI solutions company headquartered in Singapore with offices in India and is on a mission to make AI more accessible for all. This community is one way by which we intend to make AI more accessible for all - which is through upskilling people and helping them grow their career in AI, Computer Vision, and Generative AI. Share your knowledge, network, grow your career, and learn from others in this community. Kindly refrain from spamming, spreading hate and misinformation or harassing anyone. We shall host webinars, meetups, and bootcamps - online and offline regularly and we look forward to your participation in such sessions. For questions, please feel free to reach us on
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