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The Sorted Girl AKA Aarti Samant is a transformative force in the world of digital marketing and ed-tech. With a dedicated mission to help individuals and businesses flourish in the digital realm, she simplifies the often intricate maze of marketing fundamentals, making them accessible and actionable for all much like the shared mission of her startup (Sorted Digital) India’s Only No-Faff Digital Marketing Masterclsss. As an independent consultant and the influential co-founder of 'Sorted', she's been at the helm of pioneering initiatives, from launching India's first viral campaign, "Idea Hunny Bunny", to the innovative sale of over 1,000 homes through Facebook for Tata Value Homes. Demonstrating leadership par excellence, she helmed Saatchi's social media team at the age of just 25. Her trailblazing efforts have led to a whopping 30% YOY subscription boost for Hotstar's IPL and reshaped growth strategies for industry giants like Big Bazaar, aLL, and fbb. The mastermind behind several global case studies, she's particularly acclaimed for her knack in understanding user behaviour and psychology. For those eager to delve into the nuances of purpose-driven branding, ROI-focused content strategies, and building organic communities, Subscribe today to get access to @TheSortedGirl's marketing insights.
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