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What is Ellavate? We are a community of women who are ready to elevate their lives. What do you get out of “Ellavate”? A community of like-minded women (and men), guided EFT Tapping sessions (weekly life sessions and an archive full of recorded sessions), online masterclasses and workshops for relevant topics, weekly group support and the possibility to elevate your life with people around the globe. What is EFT Tapping? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is called EFT or tapping in short. It is a self-applied method to rebalance your emotions. It is a super effective tool when it comes to reducing stress and dealing with unpleasant emotions (like anxiety, overwhelm, depression, frustration, anger and more). For me it is the ultimate limiting believe blaster.
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ELLAVATE - Ditch the Dating Drama Journal Sessions
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ELLAVATE - Ditch the dating drama - Tappings
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ELLAVATE - Ditch the Dating Drama - Masterclasses
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