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USD 7/month
or save 16% annually
I have to tell you the truth... For every 1-minute video you see....I lose $4,000! Because Instagram and TikTok pay us nothing. Most of our money comes from content we make that doesn't go on Nas Daily. I spent the last 8 years telling stories about people you don't hear about in the news. Because it's important. I want to continue telling these stories, but it's getting too expensive to do it on my own. That's why we're starting Nas Daily Pro. For $7 a month, you become an Executive Producer of Nas Daily 1 minute videos. You become the reason Nas Daily continues to exist. And this is what we want to give you in return: 🎟️ FREE TIX TO NAS SUMMIT ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP gets you one ticket to a 2024 Nas Summit - in any city around the world! ($100-300 value). This is a good deal. 📩 EXCLUSIVE NEWSLETTER A monthly VIP Newsletter so you can be the first to hear Nas Daily updates, meetups, and events - even before we post it to IG stories! 🤫 BTS SECRETS We'll tell you all the behind-the-scenes secrets that never make it into our videos. Nas Daily was built over the last 8 years... 2,920 days... 70,080 hours... Imagine what we could do in the next 8 years... with YOUR help! Join us and be apart of the Nas Daily journey.
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