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🎉Welcome to Misfit Founders🎉 a vibrant, supportive community, built for entrepreneurs who sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole.🌍 Instead of giving into the pressure and feeling of being overwhelmed, why not join us? We offer a free support group👥 to navigate the exciting yet challenging path of entrepreneurship together! Who am I?🧐 I'm Biro👋, your congenial host at the Misfit Founders podcast🎙️ and the backbone of this community. With a successful history of building and selling a B2B SaaS business📈, and a few trials and errors along the way, I've traveled the rugged journey of entrepreneurship. Why Misfit Founders?🤔 As someone who's walked the rocky road🏞️ of founding a startup, I've faced numerous obstacles, almost hanging my boots multiple times. Looking back, a robust support network would have made the difference. And that's why Misfit Founders exists. Our mission is straightforward: Positively influence at least one founder every month💪. What's in it for you?🎁 Misfit Founders is not just a community; it's a tribe. A space filled with like-minded individuals, all ready to share their experiences and lessons learned on their entrepreneurial journey. By signing up for free, you unlock a host of benefits🔓: * Access to our exclusive WhatsApp community📱 for engaging discussions and deep insights. * Early bird access to our podcast content🎧, accompanied by video messages and anecdotes from my personal journey. * Monthly interactive Q&A sessions via Zoom🔍, a perfect opportunity for group learning and networking. * Private one-on-one discussions and calls📞 with me or our dedicated community admins. * First dibs on our in-person events🥂, offering unique opportunities for networking and collaboration. * An opportunity to feature as a guest on the Misfit Podcast, sharing your unique story and insights🗣️. Join the Misfit Founders community, and let's rewrite the narrative of entrepreneurship together!🚀
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