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Our community welcomes businesses aiming to enter local or foreign markets. Our discussions encompass vital topics including market readiness, effective marketing and sales channels, suitable business models, available digital tools, the supportive business ecosystem for market entry, and much more. Join us to gain valuable insights and guidance for a successful market entry journey. Members of the Go-to-Market community enjoy a wide range of benefits, including valuable information, video and written success stories, various types of events (e.g. webinars, live sessions with guest speakers) at reduced or no cost, and access to exclusive WhatsApp groups. Currently, we have three WhatsApp groups, specifically for the following sectors: Food and Beverages: This group focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities within the food and beverages industry. Members can share insights, and discuss effective go-to-market strategies for businesses in this sector. IT: This group is designed for individuals and businesses operating in the Web2 software industry. It serves as a platform to exchange knowledge and gain valuable insights into successful market entry approaches specifically tailored to the software and digital solutions development companies. Web3: This group is dedicated to Web3 solutions and related services market entry, excluding crypto trading and other similar crypto projects lacking a broader purpose or comprehensive concept, as they fall outside the scope of our services. Therefore, depending on your activity or range of products and services you offer to the market, you can, in addition to the general Go-to-Market online community, join also one of the WhatsApp groups listed above. By participating in the Go-to-Market community, you gain access to valuable resources and a supportive network that can help you navigate the complexities of entering new markets.
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