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ForeTeach is offering visionary entrepreneurs privileged access to start-up resources that can help them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Members gain access to services, provide feedback, and enjoy exclusive features. It fosters collaboration, networking, and mentorship among a select group of influential founders. As a part of this community, you will get privileged access to: 🔹 LinkedIn Live with Experts 🔹 Live Q&A sessions on LinkedIn Audio events 🔹 24*7 availability of experts from different domains to answer your queries 🔹 Private YouTube videos to help you build your start-up from Scratch 🔹 Founder's Spotlight, where you will get a chance to go live with us on our LinkedIn live 🔹 Every week, one new lucky founder will get a free mentorship session with Akshay Kumar, founder of ForeTeach 🔹 Monthly Founder's Meet 🔹 Monthly Start-up Fair - to sell or buy other start-up services 🔹 Free access to paid events like Pitch Tank 1.0 🔹 Post paid internships & jobs and find interns from top institutes like IITs, IIMs, NITs, etc. Join to shape the future and gain a competitive edge. 😊🚀 Contact Details - +91-9810648723
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