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Dear Royalty 👑 Welcome to Financial 3Dom - the community for you to get educated, equipped & empowered to embark on your journey to living out your 3 God-given Freedoms of Time, Mobility & Expression. We believe that there are 3 Phases in Personal Finance that every individual must grow through to achieve Freedom. These are: 1. Managing 📐 2. Making 💰 3. Multiplying 💱 This Community will provide you with the knowledge, connections and support through these phases. You will also get access to the Foundation Course of a groundbreaking Forex Academy programme, serving those with little or no experience, proven to help you double your Income & Time-off in less than 90 Days (by utilising just 10% of your current Income & Time). TO ACCESS THE COMPLETE COURSE, REGISTER VIA THE WEBSITE BELOW NOW ⬇️ www.Financial3Dom.Academy The community is founded & led by Anthony Howe (aka HoweOnEarth), who has an inspiring story of transformation from Deprivation to Domination. From being born and raised on the statistically poorest road in the UK, he has developed groundbreaking financial strategies & softwares and has risen to become a licensed 7-Figure Fund Manager. He believes that having clarity of purpose, the right financial vehicle and strategic partnerships is the key to his success, that he desires to share with you to accelerate your success. To jump-start your financial knowledge and skills, we offer you some exclusive bonuses: 1.🎁 CERTIFIED 3DOM FOREX FOUNDATION COURSE: Learn to trade in less than 1 Hour ---WORTH £249--- 🎓 In this foundation course, you will learn a simple, safe & speedy way to multiply your money in minutes on your mobile, in the largest financial market in the world. Benefits include: *Simplified complex terminology to the point where you can teach it to others. *Learn a proven simple strategy that has led numerous students to receive $100k+ in funding. *Prove to yourself that you have what it takes to 'Double Your Income & Time Off in less than 3 Months' in our paid Forex Empowerment community - www.Financial3Dom.Academy 2.🎁 GRANDS RISING: Daily Social Trading Breakfast Show ---WORTH £200/mo--- 🎥 As a member, you will have 2 days a week of exclusive access to our online Money & Mindset Breakfast Show, called GrandsRising. In this show, you will be able to join live in-studio trading sessions led by experienced traders, including Anthony Howe himself. During these sessions, our traders identify and share trading opportunities. Benefits include: *Valuable insights and real-world examples. *Enhance your trading skills and copy expert trades *Improve your mindset for wealth. 3. 📳 3DOM ALERTS - Customised Trade Opportunities sent direct to your mobile device ---WORTH £250/mo--- Receive real-time trade alerts directly to your mobile device throughout the day. Our proprietary software saves you time & effort, analyzing the market and sending you over 250 alerts throughout each day, 5 days per week. Never miss a profitable trading opportunity again! 4.🎁 PERSONALISED 'COST OF LIVING' REPORT (UK residents only): ---WORTH £100--- 📜 Receive a personalised 'Cost of Living' action plan conducted by a qualified Assessor. Benefits include: *Reduce your cost of living with little or no compromise to your lifestyle. *Guarantee the best energy rates to your home from your supplier *Receive information on consumer rights in relation to debt - empowering you to control it rather than it control you. *Discover if you're entitled to any of the £5.2 billion government provision created to mitigate the cost of living crisis. All of these incredible benefits and access to exclusive offers are available to our Members for FREE! Join Financial 3Dom today and embark on a journey towards you being where you belong - on the throne of your finances. 👑 Peace & Increase
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