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Abundance Plan: 40 day mindfulness challenge

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Interested in mindfulness, but never saw really practical applications?Then this is for you, to indulge in 40 day program to contemplate and rewrite your understanding about prosperity and abundance.Expose and rewrite your beliefs about money and how much you deserve to earn within the next 40 days. This 40-day mindfulness challenge is based on "The Abundance Book" and is founded on belief in higher forces (God, Divine, Creator, Highest Intelligence). It rips off limiting beliefs that money, wealth, and prosperity are limited or unavailable for us to enjoy. The best time to join this challenge is the time you want to benefit from more abundance in your life. It consists of 10 contemplative messages repeated 4 times over 40 days, giving plenty of overlap between group members starting at their own pace. This challenge is FREE for all the community members. See you inside!
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