Dream Accelerator: Manifest in Flow

By Toms

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Join and connect with like-minded winners committed to leveling up their consciousness, flow state, and manifestation skills. This group is hosted by Dream Accelerator Toms. Toms has been a digital nomad living abroad since 2015, and is an avid yoga practitioner and coach. He loves hiking, mind hacking, symbolism, occult, esoteric, tarot, human design, gene keys, astrology, and all kinds of other magical tools. Toms has an amazing awareness that can inspire clarity and certainty, which is very helpful in decision-making. He is able to recognize mental and emotional patterns as well as the long-term consequences of running these patterns. In short - he is a limiting belief detector and skill to remove them. Join now and… get connected with other winners, weekly Q&A by Toms (+recordings), conscious and practical book study group, meditation challenges, and a lot more. Be the father & mother of your dreams and have it magical! 🐝🙏💝 / be thankfully present / Toms
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