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By Amani Said

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The Career Boosters Community is your launchpad to a fulfilling career that makes a difference. Grab a virtual coffee with us, and let’s chart the path to your dreams. What are we about? 1️⃣ Learn how to make a Smooth Career Transition: Get the guidance and support you need to confidently step into a fulfilling new role. 2️⃣ Build lasting connections in a community that cheers for you, no need to do this on your own. 3️⃣ Master the art of career innovation and personal growth- career development is a marathon not a sprint keep growing and learning beyond your next job. Like many of us PhDs 👩🏼‍🔬👨🏾‍🔬, you have probably dedicated years and maybe even tears to becoming a top-notch scientist, mastering complex research and achieving what few dare to dream….yet, despite your achievements, you find yourself facing a crossroads, clouded with fear and uncertainty. Here are some very common Problems Scientists face, which ones can you relate to?🆘 Fear of Change and Failure: Feel like academia’s got you boxed in? It’s totally normal to worry about stepping off the traditional path—nobody wants to be seen as the one who couldn’t cut it. But hey, exploring new careers is about finding your true calling, not sticking to a script that doesn’t fit. 🆘 Lacking Adequate Self-Awareness: So, you’re unsure about what you really want or what you’re great at? Join the club! It's tricky to figure out your true strengths and the impact you want to make when you’re always in go-mode. 🆘 Skill Transfer Challenges: Think your academic skills won’t cut it in the ‘real world’? It might feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as you adapt to new professional cultures and jargon. But guess what? You’ve got a ton of valuable skills—they just need a little translating! I say it is about time to craft your Dream Career with the Career Boosters. Instead of just looking for A JOB, land THE JOB and step into a world where your scientific skills meet societal needs 🌍. This is HOW you can BENEFIT when joining the community: Grab a Virtual Seat at Our Monthly Q&A Sessions: Ever wish you could just ask a pro those burning career questions? Now you can! Every month, join us online for a laid-back chat with our career and life coach. It’s like having coffee with your mentor, except you can wear pajamas. 👩🏽‍🏫 Workshops: Get ready for some hands-on fun at our workshops. Whether it’s polishing your CV, networking like a champ on LinkedIn, or building that all-important growth mindset, we've got you covered. We’re talking about real skills that lead to real progress. 📩 Newsletter: Each month, we’ll drop a new issue of our newsletter into your inbox. It’s packed with stories of PhDs and scientists who are out there making waves in their careers. Think of it as your monthly dose of inspiration and practical tips rolled into one. 🤫Surprise! Guest Speakers Galore: Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when they come in the form of amazing guest speakers from all sorts of backgrounds. We bring the experts to you, so you can learn, ask questions, and maybe even make a few new friends along the way. 🎟️  Free Pass to Our Annual Career Booster Intensive: If you're all in for a year, we say thank you with a free ticket to our Career Booster Intensive weekend. It’s two days of intense skill-building, networking, and personal growth. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get to know the community better and really dig deep into your career development. 🫂Community and Support: Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are all committed to not just finding a job, but making a positive difference in the world. Share challenges, exchange ideas, and support each other in a motivating and encouraging environment. You’re not just signing up for a service—you’re joining a tribe of curious, driven, and supportive individuals. We’re all about making a positive impact, not just in our jobs but in the world. Let’s cheer each other on, share our ups and downs, and grow together. 💪🏻 Think of it as your monthly career gym membership—but instead of treadmills, you get tools and insights that propel your career forward. And at $30 a month, it's a steal. Ready to join us? 🗣️ “I highly recommend working with Amani to not only find clarity and transition with success but also have fun while doing so!” Damian Carvajal
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