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Amani Said
Let me be honest.... I am not interested in helping you find a job. A job?! You worked so hard to get your PhD and develop amazing scientific skills, a job is the absolute minimum. NO my friend, this community is about supporting you in creating a fulfilling career that you can call a DREAM coming true. WHY? Because life is to freakin' short to waste it in just any job that is not making you truly happy and successful. So here is another is not easy to do that. That is why we created this community. A community of like-minded PhDs like yourself who want more! Who are committed to dreaming BIG and taking lots of ACTION. This is a community of change makers! 🚀 Scientists and PhDs, whether in academia, industry or any other field who truly want to make a positive difference in our 🌍. For $15 a month, you become a member of Career Boosters. And these are the gifts you will unlock with your membership: 🔓 EXCLUSIVE ACCESS We get to hang out once a month online for a Q&A session where you can get all your career questions addressed from an experienced career & Life coach. 🧪 MONTHLY LABS That is right, we are going to get our “hands dirty” and have online labs; CV lab, LinkedIn Lab, Networking Lab, Mental Health Lab etc. Once a month a workshop-format session were you will learn-by-doing all strategies and tools to boost your career and mindset. (ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP gets you the recordings of the lab sessions) 📩 EXCLUSIVE NEWSLETTER A monthly newsletter Spotlighting a PhD Career Path to inspire you to think big and beyond. 🤫 SURPRISE GUEST SPEAKERS Every now and then tune in for a live session and ask your questions to PhDs with various careers paths , career experts, coaches, personal development experts, recruiters, hiring managers and many more. 🎟️ FREE TIX TO CAREER BOOSTER INTENSIVE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP gets you one ticket to a 2024 online event - for an entire weekend on April 6th-7th, we are going deep into career development strategies! ($79 value). This is a great deal. See it as your netflix of career development. 🎥 Imagine what we could do using your amazing problem solving skills as PhDs in our society? Join us in boosting your career and be the change for a better world!

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