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Assalamu alaikum (السلام عليكم) Peace be upon you. Please feel free to join our community in this community its all about learning the Quran and knowing more about Islam We have a free and paid subscription please understand us that we are not here to make money the paid subscription is like a donation ( charity ) but you can still access all information here for free 100% For more information or suggestions Email: Don’t you ever ask your self. when you die where will you go It sounds funny right if you don’t have the answer let me help you Many people think that when you die it stops here on earth still you’ve not understand me ok let me simplify it for you Am sure the time you focus on making money and doing what makes you happy is much more than the time you give in to understand who this world belong to Wait do you know who created the heaven and the earth was it humans if it was a human why do they die or why would you die indeed you will die so if you know that you will die. why don’t you put in more time to understand Allah According to our research we are in a school. this world is a school and the day you will die is the day you go for your exams so please take as much time as you can to understand the reason why your here and what will happen when you die. was just reminding you
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