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🚩Join the World's Most Passionate AI Community and get access to 3 Live Weekly Webinars 🔴 4+ Live Workshops every month ⭐Generative AI Resources ✅Prompt Engineering for Developers ✅Generative AI (chatGPT) for Business ✅Large Language Model for Beginners ✅Master Langchain(LLM) ✅Gemini Multimodal ⭐Data Science Resources ✅Basic Excel For Data Science ✅Basic PowerBI for AI/Data Science ✅Basic SQL For AI/Data Science ✅Basic Python for AI/Data Jobs ✅Advanced Python for AI/Data Jobs ✅Machine Learning ✅AI & DS Projects Certifications & Videos ⭐Recordings ✅Outcome-based Workshops ✅Linkedin Audio Recordings ✅AI & DS Career & Learning Webinar Series ⭐Resources ✅Generative AI Resources ✅Sample Datasets ✅AI Community Meetup Recordings ✅Ready to use Resume Template ✅Linkedin Profile Optimisation ✅Essential SQL Documents ✅Essential Python Documents ✅Machine Learning Documents Decoding Data Science is a UAE-based startup and community excelling across consulting, academia, and building community. With a commitment to innovation and growth in both business and AI education, Decoding Data Science delivers data-driven solutions, shapes careers in AI and Data Science, and fosters a vibrant network of over 100,000+ AI enthusiasts. 👉Come For the Content ‍👉Stay For the Community
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