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THE FRANCHISE STRATEGIST Asiawide is Singapore’s pioneer franchise strategist. Our current CEO, Albert Kong, saw a mismatch between the growth opportunities afforded by franchising and the lack of capabilities to leverage on this great business multiplier way back in 1989. That was why he bought over Asiawide to help business owners access excellent franchise strategy consulting. We know all about franchising because we have first-hand experience in running franchises. We continue to be a true blue franchise strategist that is 100% focused on helping your business make quantum leaps by putting 30+ years of franchising know-how at your disposal. THE FRANCHISE STRATEGIST Asiawide is Singapore’s pioneer franchise strategist. BORN TO FIGHT UNDERDELIVERY All of us have experienced vendors who overpromised and underdelivered, and we are sure you hate that as much as all of us at Asiawide. That is why we made sure we delivered on what we promised, without fail. THE BRAND BEHIND TOP FRANCHISE BRANDS This is the vision that Asiawide has been chasing since day one. We want to be the brand that helps transform good businesses into great franchises. We do this through our 3-pronged mission which is: 1. We develop proprietary, workable, versatile franchising-related solutions. 2. We deliver systematic franchise consulting services in a hands-on way. 3. We deploy only knowledgeable and passionate people to serve clients. DIFFERENTIATED We do things differently in smarter, better, faster ways. EXUBERANT We bring incredible energy to every project we take on. SYSTEMATIC We plan our work carefully and work our plan diligently. ACCOUNTABLE We take extreme pride and ownership in all that we do. 60-COUNTRY NETWORK AT YOUR SERVICE The best franchising strategy means nothing if you don’t have the means to bring this strategy to the markets you want. Asiawide has a carefully-cultivated 60-country (and growing) network with strong and dependable partners in each one to shorten your market entry curve so that your franchise can start generating revenue quickly. Talk to us today to explore how we can help you achieve and exceed your franchising targets.

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