Web3 Metaversity

By Yield Guild Games and Nas Academy

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Hi everyone, my name is Luis. I’m the country manager of Yield Guild Games, a company teaching people all the exciting new ways to earn an income in the metaverse. After writing two books on cryptocurrencies, founding a crypto exchange, launching an NFT art guild, and training thousands of people in crypto and Web3, I’m honored to be the lead instructor for Web3 Metaversity. At Metaversity, we want to help the newest metaverse residents find their way in this exciting new world. We know that there’s a lot of jargon to learn and some abstract concepts that can be challenging to wrap your head around, so we’ll start with the basics and explain everything in simple terms. Once you’ve got the fundamentals figured out, you can decide which specialty track you want to take from crypto/NFT trading to chat server management to content creation. And when you’re ready, we can start connecting you with jobs and income opportunities directly. So start learning with us, and discover what the metaverse has to offer. Join the Metaversity community today, and I’ll see you in our virtual campus and live sessions very soon!
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