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Silent Meditation

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Silent meditation, also known as quiet meditation, is a form of contemplative practice where individuals intentionally seek stillness and inner peace by refraining from engaging in any verbal communication or external distractions. It is a technique that looks simple but can be mentally and physically challenging. During a silent meditation session, you can choose to sit in a comfortable and upright posture, either on a cushion or a chair, with eyes closed or softly focused on a fixed point. The primary objective is to turn your attention inward and observe your thoughts and sensations that arise, without actively reacting to them. The silence creates an environment conducive to self-exploration, introspection, and cultivating mindfulness. Pick the duration of silent meditation you can practice anytime. The only sound in the audio is the striking sound of a singing bowl. First strike - the start of the silence meditation Subsequent single strike - a gentle anchor to bring you into the present moment Three consecutive strikes - the end of the silence Happy meditating! Namaste.
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