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NFG's 1M Club
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Nikki Jurado
Imagine a place where... 🗨 You learn about the money concepts, skills, and time management tools needed to get to your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd million 🗨 For each thing you learn, you get book recommendations and links to other sources 🗨 You know the next actionable step to take 🗨 You are surrounded by others who want to get there too 🗨 Everyone understands that it isn't about the money, but what we can do with the money 🗨 Everyone understands that it's not just all about numbers and analytics 🗨 And we all agree that we want to get there with the least amount of effort and time possible. This is what you get in NFG's 1M Club! Get access to the community, our exclusive weekly content, and our monthly live sessions for just Php 999 a month or Php 9,999 a year!
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