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šŸ‘‹ Welcome to Geekout PRO Geekout PRO is the world's most useful WhatsApp community for social media managers. Geekout PRO benefits šŸ‘‡ šŸšØ BREAKING NEWS ALERTS - Get the latest breaking social media news, tools, insights, and memes, sent by Matt Navarra to you on WhatsApp šŸ”„ BE FIRST TO KNOW - Be first to know about the hottest new features spotted by Matt Navarra. - Priority news leaks shared with Geekout VIPs first, before anyone else šŸ’¬ EXCLUSIVE CHAT CHANNELS - Get exclusive access to the members-only chat channels - Discuss the latest industry gossip OR seek advice and support from some of the world's best social media managers šŸŽŸļø EARLY ACCESS TO HOT NEW SOCIAL APPS - Be the first to try out the latest buzzing social apps via Geekout's Beta Invites channel šŸ—£ļø FREE SOCIAL MEDIA CAREER COACHING CALLS - Get a FREE 20-minute social media career coaching call with Matt - Geekout PRO members get access to member-only career coaching call slots ā¤ļø SUPPORTING GEEKOUT - Your membership helps fund Geekout, enabling Matt to keep you at the cutting edge of social *Discounts available for people working in public sector, charities, not for profits etc (on request) **Membership perks will evolve and may be subject to change at any time
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