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Farm2Factory2Fork Community for promoting The Good Food. led by FRUZ India private limited. Community Vision & Mission 1. Sourcing Good Food & Ingredients with Traceability 2. Promoting Climate resilience sustainable Agripreneurship 3. Promoting Millets & Plant based foods worldwide 4. Promoting Conscious Consumerism & Knowledge of QSRs 5. Launching Training & Skilling Programs for QSR business Food Trucks, Food Karts, Shop-in-Shop and Kiosk business 6. Organizing Events in physical and Digital format on Good Food 7. Promoting Waste 2 Wealth Technologies in preventing post harvest loss by using Drying, Pulping, Canning, Puree and other near farm processing technologies, warehousing and cold chains. 8. Promoting Eating Fresh, Regional, Seasonal, Export-Import, Organic, Natural and Farm living / luxury solutions for quality of life 9. Promoting Pre-biotic and Functional Foods, Gelato, Shakes and Slushes 10. Promoting Cooperatives, Women Entrepreneurs,Home Chefs, Artisanal Foods & Beverages, Nutraceuticals & Cosmetics made from Natural Extracts. 11. Launch Work from home or Work from Anywhere opportunities in Farm2Factory2Fork space 12. Facilitate networking among Investor-Investee gloabally in Good Food Ventures , Startups , Large M&A deals, MSME and Cooperatives 13. Build Global Virtual Network of Consultants in Food-FMCG-Agri Industry
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