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[Course] Master Langchain

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🚀 Unleashing the Power of LLM and Langchain: A Cutting-Edge Course for Tech Innovators 🧠" Dive into the world of Large Language Models with our advanced course, tailored for software engineers and data scientists eager to explore the frontiers of AI. Master the LangChain library and build revolutionary LLM applications! 🔍 Topics Include: 🔄 Understanding of LLM Components 🤖 Prompt Engineering Theory 📊 Output Parsers 🔄 Chains: SequentialChain, LLMChain, RetrievalQA Chain 🚀 Agents: Custom, Python, CSV Agents 🌐 OpenAI Functions 🛠️ Tools and Toolkits 🧠 Memory Techniques 🗃️ Vectorstores: Pinecone, FAISS 📚 DocumentLoaders and TextSplitters 💻 Streamlit for User Interface (UI) Design Elevate your skillset and join the forefront of AI innovation. Enroll now for an unparalleled learning journey! 🌟
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