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The next phase of the Internet is here, and it’s even more exciting than you think. We’re big fans of Web3, and want to give this space room to grow into its potential. And that means building a home for your community. Read on and see what we have in store for you.

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You’re struggling with this

You’re limited by Web2 options

Struggling to get basic information to learn more about your members.

Platforms only have fiat payment options

Links get lost, information gets missed, and the chat is hard to navigate.

You have to manually token-gate

The basic chat platform features are not cutting it for your needs.

Here’s how we’ll help

Streamline token gating and monetize your content

Verify NFT holders so they can unlock benefits in your community to get access to exclusive content, announcements, events, and many more. We offer full support for Ethereum and Solana Tokens. 100% safe. 200% holder happiness. Zero gas fees.

Save time and money with our Web3 integrations

We offer full support for token-gating, including on chat platforms like Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and anywhere else your community gathers. And the best part is it’s fully automated - saving you valuable time.

Create beautiful pages that represents you

Create a new home base for your community where they can find everything in one place. Generate revenue by selling digital items exclusively to your community, plan and manage events, and send emails to your most active members with our deep integrations.

Why Web3 creators use

24/7 chat support
Dedicated account manager
Free community training

“The platform is a great portal for different NFT projects as it's a layer that sits on top of Discord. It makes up for what Discord doesn't have- great UI for events, resources and videos, particularly for NFT projects that want to provide educational utility.”



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