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Go beyond video lessons.

We’ve been in the online education business for two years, and realized the problem with solo online learning: people learn best with others. See how makes learning a joy for both you and your students.

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You’re struggling with this

You feel disconnected from your students.

Chatting on WhatsApp and sending links to Google Drive is impersonal and you don’t feel like you’re connecting.

You need a million apps to do basic tasks.

Zoom, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Paypal... The list is neverending.

You want to further your students’ experience.

Pre-recorded video lessons should be a starting point, not the entire experience.

Here’s how we’ll help

Create a beautiful home for your students.

This is where you can post all the information and updates your students need to know. This is also your space to make organization a breeze… Plan events, post grades, manage payments, build courses, and get access to your analytics all from one place.

Build and store your courses all in one place.

We’ve made it easier than ever to build your courses and monetize them. Just upload your videos and resources, name them, and you’re done! And the days of storing your courses on Google Drive or Dropbox are over. Now, you can upload as many files as you like on, making life that much easier.

Connect with your students like never before.

Hosting live events is one of the best ways to connect with your students and let them know that you’re invested in their success. Our native outreach tool, Magic Reach, will send invites to your students on their calendar app of choice so that you’ll know they know about class.

Why educators use

24/7 chat support
Dedicated account manager
Free community training

“ is a great library for our educational community. All of our members finally have one place that's token gated where they can experience all the events and course offerings.”

Rockwell Shah

Invisible College

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