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Build a community around your content that doesn’t rely on changing algorithms. And you don’t even have to migrate - all you have to do is use with the platforms you already know and love.

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You’re struggling with this

The algorithm keeps changing

You constantly have to adapt to changing algorithms to reach your audiences and grow.

I can’t break into other platforms

You’ve found success on one platform but struggle to find the same reach on others.

Success comes at the cost of my mental health

The constant harassment from trolls who engage but never follow is hurting your drive as a creator.

Here’s how we’ll help

Reach more people and scale your audiences

Ditch unreliable algorithms and reach your audience with Magic Reach, our tool designed to reach your community members using the apps they like to use.

Engage with your audiences like never before

Meet your community face-to-face with all-new ways to manage and host events. Connect with your followers with live streaming and special events that add value and skyrocket your engagement.

Create more than ever before in a safe space designed for you

Give your community exclusive access to content created by you for better engagement, facilitate trust, build community spirit, and form connections that will last a lifetime. All while ditching the trolls and those who don’t contribute to your space.

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24/7 chat support
Guaranteed reach and audience growth
Free community training

“ is a platform made by content creators for fellow content creators. Having multiple content formats available in one platform and connectivity to existing ones is essential in growing my community.”

Camille Fornela

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