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Web3 Community
Hosted by Nas Academy
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In this community, you get access to the widest selection of web3 education with over 50+ hours in classes from leading experts. Learn from a library of key topics including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, community building, web3 development, the metaverse, and everything in betweem. You’ll discover that “community” is the foundation of the web3 space. And now, you can join a vibrant and supportive community full of web3 enthusiasts like yourself. This community offers a safe space to network, learn, and collaborate with some of the most innovative thinkers around the world. On top of that, we’ve pooled all our resources to give you access to thousands of dollars worth of Nas Academy classes and resources – all under 1 subscription. By subscribing to the Nas Academy Web3 Community, you’ll also be invited to join exclusive events and workshops with renowned guest speakers – an opportunity that you won’t easily find anywhere else. So, if you’re looking for people who share your interests and want to become a pro in all things related to web3, subscribe today and join the movement that’s changing the Internet.

What you’ll get in theWeb3 Community

Connect with other web3 enthusiasts
This is the perfect environment to learn and network with others in a rapidly growing field.
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Access over 50+ hours of web3 classes
Hosted by leading experts, you will learn more from a library of educational class content.
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Join our live online events with guest speakers
Hear directly from some of the world’s top thought leaders and entrepreneurs in fireside chats.
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Get support from experts & community managers
Tap into your global community network when you want advice and feedback.
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What's Inside
Live Events
Exclusive Content
Understanding DeFi
Personal Crypto Security
Earning with Crypto
Crypto Fundamentals
Bring people together

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