You’re struggling with this

Basic Web2 features

The basic chat app features on Discord are not cutting it for your web3 needs.

Token gating & NFT ownership

Your community is manually managed and you need an automated solution.

Accepting crypto payments

You want a paid community subscription but only have fiat options.

When you should be using

Integrate your Discord with our automatic member authenticator

Imagine if you could automatically verify NFT ownership and add/remove members accordingly. Or reach out to your most active members on email. With our deep integrations, you can upgrade your existing community platform to be everything you need it to be.

Get additional features for monetization and utility

Members don’t enjoy clicking on random links or getting DMs, and yet it’s the only way to share information with your community. Give your community exclusive access to content or generate more revenue by selling digital items with

Streamline token gating and monetize your content

Verify NFT holders so they can unlock benefits in your community to get access to exclusive content, announcements, events, and many more. We offer full support for Ethereum and Solana Tokens. 100% Safe. 200% Holder Happiness. Zero gas expenses.

“The ability to automatically add/remove members based on their payment status is the feature that I love the most on the Nas.IO platform. I think that is something that makes the community manager's life easier and hassle free.”

Zac Hartley

Hartley Trading

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